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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a search to find a missing girl where police are focusing their efforts and what they are saying about the parents who reported her missing. >> crews are removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214 at sfo. ahead, the delicate process to make sure the clean up goes according to plan. >> police make a break in a muni robbery caught on camera and investigators got the young suspects in custody. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. mike nicco is up first with a look at the forecast. >> thank you, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows no organized areas of wet weather although we have patchy drizzle. it is so light it is not causing issues. patchy drizzle at the bay and 55 degrees. mostly sunny by noon and 66.
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72 and below average this afternoon and keep the jacket handy in the evening as we drop into the low 60's by 7:00. next it will hours, our day planner showing more clouds in the east bay valley and mid-50's for you and bright are by noon and a lot of sunshine and 72 and not so warm hang out if the low-to-mid 80's in the afternoon and low-to-mid 70's in the evening. clouds are stubborn at the coast with not much of a breeze. leyla gulen? >> good morning, we are looking at clear conditions if you are traveling away from highway four along westbound 80 through hercules. south of the hoffman split from albany and berkeley it is looking good but you slow down at the maze. we have an accident eastbound 580 with a lane blocked but plenty of slowing westbound because of an early accident.
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the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up with metering lights not on and the cash-paying lanes are goatsing packed. >> right now oakland police remain at the home of the oakland man who reports his daughter missing and amber alert is in affect. katie marzullo joins us with the details on the story. katie? >> at this point police say the father of the little girl is not a suspect but you can see they are here at his home and there is crime seen tape blocking the entrance. officers have been here all night. this is where the little girl lives with her dad and also his mother. as of last night it appears the police were waiting for a search warrant so we do not know if they have been allowed to search the house. the little girl in question, 21-month-old daphne viola webb last in a car with her grandmother who has dementia outside of a supermarket at international boulevard and
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79th. she was last seen wearing an orange two piece pajamas with pink hearts. oakland police and the f.b.i. have been searching with dogs since daphne's father reports her missing just after 11:00 yesterday. in addition to searching the home they are looking along the waterfront near doolittle drive where the family was known to frequent. police are asking for the public's help trying to figure the last time that anyone saw the father and daughter together. >> anyone who may know them, be familiar with them, can provide a timeline, a date, they were last seen together. >> we will come back here if we can right now with more police officers just arriving on the scene as well as a k-9 unit, and you can see them going around
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the corner with police arriving at the father of daphne's home with extra police officers and the k-9 just arriving here at the house. again, police are looking for anyone to come forward who may have seen the little girl with her dad and investigators have talked with staff knee's -- daphne's mother who does not live with her daughter. she is cooperating. a woman is possibly identified who was seen with a girl matching daphne's description right after she was allegedly taken from the van and that woman is described as black or hispanic between 30 and 40 with long black straight hair. >> the crash at sfo. overnight, crews worked to remove the wreck average of asiana flight 214 and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us to talk about the process. >> they made major progress.
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look at video of their work. they started clearing the runway. they moved the big heavy pieces such as the engine and tail. that required the use of a crane. they will remove smaller pieces by hand. this was the focus overnight investigators have revealed new details about the seconds after the crash. they say the lead flight attendant asked the pilot if they could evacuate but the pilot said no. >> the lead or cabin manager made an announcement over the p.a. for people to stay in their seats and to not evacuate. she says it wasn't until they asked for the second time they got the all clear to evacuate so it was a minute and a half after the crash. investigators also revealed the pilot says he saw a flash of light right before landing and that blinded him and investigators say they do not know what that could have been. back to the clean up effort,
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they are working on the runway debris and will not move the fuselage for a few days saying it is an enormous plane and they have to figure how they will cut it up, move it, which pieces to save of course how they will store them. that will take some time. the runway will be closed for days or possibly another week. keep that in mind if you have travel plans. >> as she mentioned, the pilot reports he saw a flash of light as asiana flight 214. this morning, abc7 news aviation consultant reacted to this new information. >> that is tough to swallow, it could come under the subject of the dog ate his homework. i cannot imagine what would have gotten in the cockpit and seen by only one person. if it did happen, why didn't he say something to the fellow pilots or turn over the controls to the fellow pilots. this is a big difficult.
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>> it doesn't make sense. we have her the reports in the past of people flashing lasers. >> tune in at "good morning america" to hear the full analysis on the new information released by the ntsb on flight 214. >> 70 chinese students finally got to see san francisco last night. these are pictures from the dinner they attended at the chinese consulate in san francisco, students posted them on chinese social media and the counsel general encouraged the students to be brave and offered continued support. he arranged for students to have video conversations with families back home and gave them each a san francisco t-shirt. one student described the meal as a much needed state of home and sent me a message this morning saying and i quote, "san francisco is a great city." >> the first public appearance for flight attendant would survived the crash was too emotional for most of them to speak. six of the 12 faced dogs of cameras and reports at the
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international terminal. two burst into tears. though were escorted back out after only one spoke. a translator who did not offer her name said it was too much for them to handle. >> it was very emotional event for the people who are here right now. their co-workers are still hospitalized. the lead flight attendant offered prayers for the injured and their families. you can get alerts on the investigation into the crab of flight 214 and other news on a new smartphone app and watch the ntsb news conferences live as they happen and the app is easy to download at and if you have our current app you need to download the new one because the old one will go away soon. >> tip led police to two teens accused of robbing a woman on muni. we showed you the surveillance video last month and you can clearly see the two girls on the train in san francisco bayview
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district. one of the girls grabbed a 68-year-old woman's purse and punches her and takes off. over the week someone called fugitive watch and identified a girl who was already in police custody for another case. the second suspect turned herself in on sunday. >> clean up continues today after authorities discovered a huge marijuana garden near gilroy. 10,000 marijuana plants were found deep inside the state character in santa clara county and they seized two pellet guns with scopes. the sheriff believes that a mexican cartel is responseibl. the pot plants were removed and authorities say that the plants^, each of them, could be worth $3,000 to $5,000 on the street. >> some you may wake up to dry conditions. others may fine something wet on the windshield. >> that is how patchy the drizzle is. you will get some on the coast or in the higher elevations.
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the temperatures in the north bay, bodega bay at 48 and same in mill valley, and sausalito at 53 and american canyon, 51 and petaluma and santa rosa 50 and napa at 52 degrees, representative of most of our neighbors. cupertino is warmer at 60. america's cup pavilion, 24 hour temperature change and you can see the biggest change the further you are away from the golden gate bridge where all the cold air rushes law and fremont is three degrees cooler at 75 can concord at six togethers cooler and compareed to average the east bay valleys are it will close to average and 88 in livermore and everyone else is three to ten degrees cooler than yesterday and i will tell you how long the cooling trend will last in the seven-day outlook but, first, an update on the accidents. >> we have one working from dublin to pleasanton in the
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clearing strengths and still blocking one lane but the drive in the westbound direction is packed and i will tell you how long it takes you to get from tracy to dublin but san jose, 280 and 101 at top speeds. too fast at 70 miles per hour. 101 to san mateo that is clear drive and accident-free 280 is the same. in the north bay from santa rosa to petaluma, the drive is easy and not a lot of slowing at highway 116 and here is the drive time traffic, if you are headed along westbound from tracy to dublin it is 50 minutes from antioch to concord and 21 minute commute and from san rafael to san francisco on 101 southbound, that is 12 minutes. >> ahead the new set back in a major bay area tech company. >> big bucks lawsuit, legal trouble facing target this morning. >> first, we leave you with
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another picture from runway 28 left at sfo with the removal of the wreckage of flight 214 has begun with
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a covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:14 on thursday. a look from the mount tamalpais camera looking at the clouds over parts of the bay area.
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we will check with mike nicco with your forecast. >> the embassy in cairo in egypt is closed because of the possibility of protests near the embassy. there have been demonstrators by supporters of ousted egyptian president morsi calling for his return to power saying he was overthrown by a military coup. officials in the united states advise people not to travel to the embassy unless necessary and warned americans to avoid areas with large crowds people. >> police in michigan are trying to identify a driver with back into a woman pushing a stroller with her child inside. look at this scary video in a score parking lot. the van dragged the stroller a short distance. you can see the van's driver stopped while the mother gets the boy out of the stroller and the van speeds away with the stroller still attached. amazingly the one-year-old inside the stroller was not hurt. >> randy travis is in critical
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condition at a texas hospital, the 54-year-old suffered a stroke and underwent emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain after a breathing illness spread to his heart. he is one of the top seller artists and won seven grammys and dozens of other music awards. >> three former workers at a target store are suing target for discrimination. the former employees are hispanic. the lawsuit filed alleged that managers at a warehouse regularly used racial slurs when addressing the hispanic workers and cited a training document about stereotypes and hw to manage hispanic coworkers which read every hispanic doesn't "wear a sombrero." a woman said this was an isolated incident. >> a set back this morning for palo alto-based hewlet-packard which is no longer the biggest
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manufacture of personal computers, falling to second place in the last quarter shipping 200,000 fewer computers than a chinese company. they said and i quote, "we don't like being number two and we don't plan to stay there." they held the crown as the largest p.c. maker since 2006 until the company that took over people bill's personal computer division. that is how they got so large so fast. >> we will check with meteorologist mike nicco monitoring the ups and downs. >> more down than up but we will go back up but not so extreme in the temperature the next up of days like we have this summer. radar and satellite, live doppler 7 hd showing no organized areas of wet weather, in thunderstorms to speak of, just patchy drizzle. san jose this morning shows the
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highlights: cooling spreads inland, with clouds tone, and drizzle, and temperatures will rebound this week but how warm will they get? first, i will set the stage, here is the area of low pressure that brought the cooling to the coast yesterday. now it is moving deeper inland. that is why we have deeper penetration of the cool weather. the dry air put a big roadblock up from the humidity yesterday coming in from the south so we did not see the thunderstorms. they stay to the south. low-to-mid 80's in los gatos and morgan hill, and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's and san jose at 78 degrees. a lost 70's on the peninsula but close to san mateo and millbrae you can see the upper and mid-60. we will be near 60 along the coast in many wears with the clouds thick in your neighborhood with sunshine from time to time. not so much on the bay side, with more sunshine and mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and
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mid-to-upper 70's if you are going through the wine country today and upper 50's at the beach and the eat -- east bay shore, you are in the upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's the further you get away from the areas the warmer it gets including castro valley at 75. east bay valley in the 50's so that will trap the free air conditioning in the house and we will be upper 80's by time you head back home later in the afternoon and evening. check out cloud cover, we will have temperatures mild in the 50's and there could be patchy drizzle again. tomorrow's forecast, it is about the same as today and maybe a degree or two cooler and saturday through wednesday in the upper 80's to near 90 and upper 70's to low 88s and 60 along the coast, a quiet weather pattern. enjoy it. how is the commute? >> it is not quiet, 580 cannot catch a break on the westbound
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direction we have a brand new accident at spring town boulevard and we could do without it bass it is just solid brake lights the entire way. that is causing tremendous pressure so it is just one lane in both directions and that is causing butch bump traffic and folks are complaining it is at a standstill and westbound 80 at the s-curve we have another accident, but it was blocking a lane and we are backed up from the bay bridge toll plaza and right now, the metering lights are on and it is just at a standstill, so, very busy conditions and it will take you at least ten minutes to get you from the maze and through the tolls. >> coming up next, the safest cars for teens. >> "7 on your side" can "consumer reports" reveal which cars are best for your young driver. >> survivors of asiana flight 214 get a special escort by
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>> good thursday morning, you can see coit tower this morning. we do have some clouds but yesterday you could fought see -- could not see the tower. >> when it is time to get your teen driver a car, safety is paramount. that doesn't mean you have to buy a brand new car. >> who says we are getting them a car? >> we have partnered with "consumer reports" to show you the top used cars for teens.
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>> good morning, you may not want to give the new driver in your family the old ten-year-old sedan "consumer reports" has a list of the top used cars to buy for a teen. >> when picking a car for a teen driver, consumer reports deputy auto editor says you want one with a good, safe, reliable record and one that has modern safety features. key features include antilock brakes, side airbags and stability control. >> cars between three and five years old with 40,000 to 70,000 miles are ideal. such a vehicle is relatively new and have the benefits but will also have gone through the period of greatest appreciation losing half of its value. >> "consumer reports" topic if teens are mid-sized sedans because they are large enough to offer protection but small enough to be easy to handle.
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>> the malibu is good balance car overall gets 23 miles per hour in testing. >> there is the fuel efficient sonata2009 gets 26 miles per hour. >> the jetta has more sporty character and the mazda 6. >> smaller sedan, the ford focus is good. depending on the trim and age of the car all these run between $10,000 and $15,000. to learn more of the cars bet suited for teens, and safety issues related to teen driving, go to >> it is 6:25 and we are continuing to following developing news from oakland ahead at 6:30, the all-out search for a missing little girl and the overnight developments at the home of the girl's
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father. >> crews were busy on the scene at crash site at sfo and we will tell you what they got accomplished. >> we are looking at cloud cover this morning with two hours and 40 minute arrival delays in sfo. i tell you how much longer we will have the cooler temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, the metering lights on and we are seeing a sea of headlights from emeryville to san francisco and that is 15 minute commute and not quite the delays mike was talking about with all the details on your morning commute
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning, 6:29. in oakland, at macarthur maze traffic is doing well. we have a gray shade over the entire picture. that is because of the clouds. thanks for joining us. >> more on the clouds now from mike. >> how many shades of gray? 50? >> not going there. >> well move on. radar, much, is quiet.
6:30 am
we do have pockets of drizzle. cloud cover is causing 2 hour and 40 minute flight arrival delays at sfo. drizzle at 55. at noon, mid-to-upper 60. below average temperatures for the afternoon. a jacket is needed in the evening, mid-60's. inland, it will be bright are by noon and 72 but not so warm as yesterday at low-to-mid 80's and comfortable, and probably no jacket is needed at 74. at the coast, there is no breeze. it will not be brisk although there will an lot of cloud cover and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. now the traffic. leyla gulen? >> you are funny, mike. we started to see quite a few accidents popping up but those have new gotten cleared. what we are going did look at is the damage, if you are traveling 580 in the westbound direction from tracy to dublin it is one
6:31 am
hour and throw minute ride and 27 minutes along westbound four from antioch and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco, that is under 20 minutes. if san jose right now we will look at the drive along 101 away from 880, headed to the san jose airport, you are look at a quick drive so no delays. not yet. >> we start at 6:30 with developing news from oakland. at this hour, an amber alert is in affect for a missing toddler. katie marzullo is outside of the home of the girl's father where there are new developments. katie? >> the police have been here all morning until just the last second. you can see the house, a crime scene tape is in front but the uniform police officer and the patrol cars have left. this is video from the last 30 minutes of extra police officers arriving on the scene with k nine units, and they went inside with thing dos. we-- with the dogs.
6:32 am
it looks like they have been inside with the dogs for a sweep this morning but not here long. the uniformed officers have left. look, now, at a picture of the girl, 21-month-old daphne viola webb. her dad left her in a car with his mom who suffered from dementia and ran into a store at international boulevard and came back out and his daughter was gone. a witness described how the dad was acting. >> he was in disarray, he was looking around if his car. my immediate response was, did you call the police in he said, no, not yet. i said call them right now. he was under stress. >> at this point police say that the father is not a suspect but they are asking people to come failure, anyone, would might have seen father and daughter together in the past 30 days as they try to put together a
6:33 am
timeline. police are looking to a woman who might have been seen in the area of the store at 78th and international with a toddler matching her description. >> thank you, katie. developing news, this morning a 1 1/2-year-old baby is safe after being taken during a carjacking in oakland. miss say a suspect ordered the family of five to get out of the car at a gas station just before 10:30 last night. the family friend says that the suspect point add gun at the boy's father and threatened their lives and took off before they could get the child out. 20 minutes later the baby was found sleeping in his car seat on the sidewalk a few blocks away. >> the people that took the car left their jackets on the baby so they were not trying to kill the baby or anything like that hurt the baby. it was because of the car. >> the appeal and the baby were reunited and the police are still looking for the van and the suspects.
6:34 am
>> now the crash at sfo crews at the site continued the delicate task of removing the wreckage of asiana flight 214. amy hollyfield joins us with a look at what is happening. >> we saw a lot activity. look at this video we rolled of them doing their work. they used cranes to move the big pieces east runway like the engine and the tail and though say they will clear the little pieces by behind. this is just the debris on the runway and they will move the plane in a few more days. the ntsb announced they are investigating the evacuation after the crash saying the first time the flight attendants asked the pilot, should we evacuate, the answer was no and they saw the fire, they asked for a second time and that is when the pilot said, yes, and everyone started exiting the plane but that was a minute and a half after the crash. >> the pilots are in the front of the airplane, they do not have a good sense of what is going on behind them. they need to get that
6:35 am
information from the flight attendants. we will essentially be looking into that issue. hindsight is 20/20. >> the pilot told the ntsb he saw a flash of light blinding him before the crash. they do not know what that could have been. three or four of the flight attendants were ejected on the runway and still strapped in the seats. there was a delay in the evacuation and questions still remain about the landing mode was the equipment working or was its in the wrong mode? officials say they think that this runway will be closed for a few more days, if not a week. >> thank you, survivors and the families of the two girls who were killed went to the site to on the victims. survivors and family members of those on board asiana flight 214 were escorted by police and officials on buses from the
6:36 am
crowd plaza hotel in burlingame. there were eight relatives of wang linjia and ye mengyuan the two, 16-year-old girls killed in the crash and stayed at the scene for 30 minutes. after they left, three large black buses with survivors and their families arrived at the site and looked at the wreckage from a distance on the tarmac. a prayer vigil is held at the southern california church school for the two victims and fellow classmates who were headed there for camp. the group of 35 students were originally planning to spend three weeks at a christian camp in west hills in the valley learning english, sight seeing and visiting california universities. the camp has been canceled. >> our coverage of the asiana flight 214 crash continuing with 9-1-1 calls just released showing the fan trick moments on the tarmac. >> new troubles for the america's cup and who is demanding a refund from race
6:37 am
organizers. you can see from our roof camera, low clouds over the bay right now, over the embarcadero. we will check it out as we do weather and
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6:39 am
>> we are coming up on 6:40. in the east bay valley temperatures have cooled in the mid-to-upper 50's and brentwood is at 57. and walnut creek is 55 and san
6:40 am
ramon and dublin and danville and 54 but mountain view is the warm spot at 61. today we will have low pollen and ozone so enjoy that. we will have high amounts of u.v. radiation if you are outside for an continued period of time in the afternoon. thunderstorms around yosemite and toward palm spring and it will be 80 and sunny in tahoe and 91 in sacramento and sunny in los angeles and 79. >> we have a brand new accident, a series accident in hayward traveling along southbound 880 south of 238 involving a milk. right now we have at least one lane blocked and we are looking at bumper-to-bumper traffic but that is causing more pressure along 238 in the northbound direction. we will be tracking this as the morning wears on. our drive time traffic and mass transit, everything is on time and ate, bart, muni, no problems
6:41 am
out there and the drive coming into central san rafael the southbound traffic, headlights coming toward you are building a little bit as you make it down to 580. >> this morning, one of the big sponsors of the america's cup wants a big refund according to the san francisco business times, louis vuitton is asking for $3 million refund from the sponsorship of $10 million. the retailer's contract was based on eight teams competing. there are only three teams, though, competing in the series. >> new survey reveals the popularity of marissa mayer among employees. >> trading is underway on wall street and it is a if day so far with the dow up 146 points. we will go to the new york stock
6:42 am
exchange. >> the first 9-1-1 calls moments after asiana flight 214 crashes at sfo and what they reveal about the victims and those racing to help.
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6:44 am
>> covering antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
6:45 am
>> a look at the wreckage of asiana flight 214 and the effort by sfo to get the runway cleared to resume flight operations. more on that coming up. >> abc7 news has obligated a dramatic 9-1-1 call made directly from passengers who escaped the crash of the plane. there were a range of emotions from passengers, one was calm and one was agitated. >> we are at san francisco international airport and we had a plane crash with a lost people that need help. is there anyway way you can get here? >> were you on the plane? >> i was on the plane. we are on the ground on minutes or half an hour and people are waiting on the tarmac with critical injuries. we are trying to keep one align here. >> the san francisco fire department says in a large-scale emergency they stage ambulance as distance away from the aircraft just in case it explodes. they say the victims may not have seen a lot medical
6:46 am
personnel but they were there triaging patients and taking them to the hospitals nearby. >> 20 passengers and crew from the crash remain in the hospital this morning. san francisco general released four patients yesterday. only eight remain there. three of the facials are in critical condition including one child. four parents are still receiving care at stanford hospital, one of them critical. mills if leans and california pacific medical center are each treating three patients. and st. mears' and st. francis have one. stay with us for continuing coverage of the asiana flight 214 and "good morning america" will have were more for you at 7:00 a.m. >> the delay in opening the new pan of the bay bridge is meeting with harsh criticism from a group overseeing the project. they say that a delay could put drivers at greater risk. the panel says the existing span is structurally vulnerable and could collapse in an earthquake. on monday officials said that opening the through span would not be until at least december
6:47 am
and they need time to install support panels but the panel is recommending a temporary solution that would allow the bridge to open to traffic while the permanent fix is installed. >> new this morning the s&p has reaped a new record high plus the dow is up triple digits. >> some employees make like marissa mayer less at yahoo than when she first got there. jane king is at the new york stock exchange. >> marissa mayer is a little less liked at yahoo, with her standing among the remainlyees has slipped since taking charge. 84 percent of the staff approved of marissa mayer last quarter down from 91 percent nine months ago. still not bad. to get this data, data was collected from 179 anonymous reviews.
6:48 am
foreclosures are declining in scrub compared to may and a year ago and in the san francisco area they fell 71 percent compared to last year. in san jose, they plunged 73 percent. microsoft is getting attention this morning announcing a dramatic reorganization. this is a push to expand hardware and web-based computing with the shares hire on the news. everything is higher today. look at the markets, bernanke spoke in favor of sustained economic stimulus and that has investors very excited today. the s&p it is a new record high this morning and the silicon valley index is up 1 percent. panera dropped "pay what you can" for their experiment offer the for $5.98 meal for free or whatever price customers want to pay but they say very few needy people participated in this because most of the stores
6:49 am
offering it were in middle class neighborhoods. they plan to bring it back hear. >> jane, thank you. a new study says diet soda may not be a healthy choice to lose weight. a professor at purdue found drinking diet soda and artificially sweetened beverages could have the same increased health risk as regular soda including heart disease and diabetes and weight gain. the professor review add number of scientific studies. the american beverage association dismisses the report saying it was "an opinion piece not a scientific study." >> another piece was you get used to the safety of the sugar so you are trained to want and desire more. >> i can see this. by the way, isn't this agree --
6:50 am
free slurpy day, right? >> yes. will it be warm enough for a slurpy? >> absolutely. the coast is a cooler spot, it will be interesting if they have a run on the 7/11 at the coast. the radar and satellite shows no radar runs, drizzle is few and far between. low clouds are causing should at sfo but showing unlimited visibility, the cloud cover, at least, is low enough and thick enough causing two hour and 39 flight and arrival delays so check out the flight tracker at abc7 news cop. wins are light so it will take a long-term to get rid of this cloud deck, cascading over the east bay hills. the high clouds and potential thunderstorms stay to the south
6:51 am
as we thought they would so that is good news. cooling spreads inland and the east bay valleys are were dropping in line with everyone else, and coastal drizzle possible and warming trend this weekend with the key be, "a little bit of a warming trend." the dry air kept the moisture away from us and this is a low that enhanced the sea breeze and it was cooler yesterday, today, and tomorrow. below average temperatures in the south bay in mid-to-upper 70's and gilroy let to mid-80's and in santa cruz, chilly and 68. well have 69 in san mateo and 66 in millbrae and at the coast, we will have partly sunny conditions and cool in the upper 50's to 60 but light winds. mid-60's downtown south san francisco, sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's delightful through the north bay valleys and up more 50's at your beaches and 67 at berkeley more under the influence and low-to-mid 70's and mid-to-upper 70's in the east bay valley.
6:52 am
a carbon copy of this morning with cloud cover and drizzle possible and comfortablable and low-to-mid 50's. tomorrow, the low is still and so we feel the effects and when it moves away the temperatures are back to average and 60 at the coast and near 80 around the bay and near 90 inland. have a great day. >> we have an update on the crash involving a motorcycle if you traveling southbound 880, the traffic is jam packed because of this, blocking two lanes right now and was blocking one and now it is blocking two, we are still seeing very slow speed, 37 miles per hour as you approach 238, and starting to see more traffic building on to 38 approaching the nimitz and southbound 880, not sure when that will clear just yet. we have this, a stalled car in the eastbound 580 blocking a lane and a report of another stalled car at the junction with the 24 there and that is blocking one lane, as well. our drive time traffic shows 880
6:53 am
southbound from 238 to milpitas, that will be 30-minute delay or an hour to get along 580 westbound to head from tracy to castro valley. >> seven things to know with you go are just
6:54 am
>> a look at traffic starting to back up on interstate 680 the tail lights headed southbound and we will check with leyla gulen in a couple of minutes to find out if that is just value or what. seven things to know before you go, an amber alert is in effect for a missing 21-month-old daphne webb in oakland. officers went to the father's house with a police k-9. >> number two, crews have removed several large pieces of wreckage including an engine from the asiana flight 214 crash at fog. the ntsb handed the runway back
6:55 am
to sfo and ntsb has another briefing kennelings for 2:00 this afternoon. >> three, 70 chinese students who survived the crash saw san francisco last night. this is a picture from the dinner they attended at chinese counsel general's home if san francisco. the students had the opportunity to video chat with families back home. four, oakland police searching for a carjacking system who did not realize there was a baby in the back seat when he took a family's van last night. the boy was found safe a few blocks away 0 -- 20 minutes later. >> today, san francisco will crown the 50th champion in the cable car bell-ringing contest. last year, the winner had quite the style and today the competition is at noon in union square. >> lots of sunshine with temperatures cool and in the low 60. good morning, our first forecast
6:56 am
is sunny this afternoon inland from 75 in the north bay valley to 89 in the east bay valley so the 90's are away. 63 in san francisco, and 70's in oakland and 78 today in san jose and it will be in the upper 50's along the coast. >> seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza 10 or 15 minutes to get from the maze to san francisco and we will go to our maps right now where we have the accident involving a motorcycle and it is bumper-to-bumper traffic blocking two lanes southbound 880 you are seeing backups from 112. also, it will be 14-minute delay on walnut creek. >> thank you very much. a remainder, the ntsb will hold the next news conference to update us on knit conflict at 2:00 p.m.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, severe storms from colorado to massachusetts. and in the west, flash floods and mudslides shutting down highways. so ferocious, this reporter losing all control of his car. a big day ahead in the trial of george zimmerman. closing arguments start this morning. the defense resting after a tense and dramatic day of testimony, where even a dummy was pummeled to make a point. and zimmerman revealing he will not take the stand. caught on tape. the heart-stopping moment as a man lost control of his electric wheelchair, falling face-first on to the train tracks. why he fell and the hero that rescued him with seconds to spare. too sexy for the summer? does robin thicke's megahit go too far? he speaks out, defending himself, and his song, revealing


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